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Swaraj Rajuswaraj raju asked 3 years ago

As per the answer in Practice Manual (17 (c) ) it is gien that CA is not guilty under Clause 5 & 6 of Schedule II.
My doubt is whether it can be viewed as violation under Sch I Part III Clause III. 

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello Swaraj Raju Schedule II Part I Clause 3 is for false information given in tender / other ca in practice for soliciting work / write up as above case is not covered in circumstances explained above, cl 3 is not applicable. in this question of PM 2 answers are possible, 1st if assume that CA was aware that information which he is submitting is false then he will be guilty under clause 6 and if he was not aware then he will not be guilty

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