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Sandip GoswamiSandip Goswami asked 9 months ago

Question:- Who shall determine and fix the remuneration u/s 142 of 1st auditor of government company ?
Case 1 :- If the 1st auditor of Government company has been appointed by C&AG u/s 139(7) ?
Case 2: What if C&AG fails, BOD appoints the 1st auditor u/s 139(7) ?
Case 3: What if C&AG and BOD both have failed, members appoint the 1st auditor u/s 139(7) ?
Please  reply…..

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 8 months ago

Case 1 :- Shareholders, they may follow CAG guidelines
Case 2 :- BOD
Case 3 :- Shareholders

Sandip GoswamiSandip Goswami replied 8 months ago

Thank you sir

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