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Rakesh asked 1 year ago

What if CA in practice setup an educational institution for providing coaching  to CA and whether they need to follow the same guidelines with respect to sign board of firm or that particular  educational institute can fix the glow sign boards??? Or they can write a bigger font of letters ???  is this allowed 

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

As per Cl 6 & Cl 11
Situation 1
If CA is actively involved in running educational / coaching institute, or he is taking key decisions and not just investor, then it is considered as separate commercial activity. He needs to take specific permission from icai to do such activity.
Once he takes permission, he will automatically come in part time practice and he can run such educational institute or coaching class as he wants, with no restrictions.
Situation 2
Further if he is involved only in teaching and not running or taking key decisions then also he needs specific permission, he will go in part time practice if teaching hours exceed 25 hours per week, further his name should not come on advertisement material or even board of coaching classes. Only name of subject and timings are allowed on board.

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