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Divyam LoyaDivyam Loya asked 7 months ago

Q1/3 – CA. P a newly qualified chartered accountant in practice ….. Registered valuer …. CA. P received Rs. 1,20,000
(Nov 19) (old syllabus)
Answer (as per Param) – it is covered under S1PIC2
It doesn’t belong to the case of Clause 2
It belongs to the case of Clause 3 – accepting share of fees.
Because here CA. P (CA in practice) receives share of the fees from Mr. A (registered valuer) for referring the cases of valuation.
I cross checked with the answer given in Nov 2019 (Old) suggested answers, it is considered correctly under S1PIC3

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 6 months ago

Yes last question of CA P is in correctly classified in this CNO it belongs to Clause 3 
can CA accept share of fees from registered valuer, registered valuer is not covered in list of professional bodies or list of qualification hence he cannot accept fees.

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