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Shubham Vijay MaheshriShubham Vijay Maheshri asked 1 year ago

As per the author’s note mentioned in Param QB (CNO 674.000) it is mentioned that when there is reference to the word “interview”, then go for clause 6 and firm name is allowed
But where the reference is given to “appearance in programs of television, radio, films” then firm name is not allowed and for “TV interview” clause 6 is to be applied.
My question is what is the exact difference between “interview” and “appearance in programs” in the context of Prof Ethics for this clause 6 and how to identify whether it is “interview” or “appearance in program”?

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

In professional ethics more than words, it is important to understand and accept pattern.
Because some clarifications were issued below or say for clause 6, clause 6 will get applicable, although logically you know clause 7 should also get applicable, yes this is the case.
Because clarification of interview was issued under clause 6 and clarification regarding appearance is covered under clause 7, clause 7 will get applicable. 
Now interview means answering questions asked by host.
Appearance on TV , Films Radio will including acting, performance , being host etc

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