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SS asked 12 months ago

Hi sir,  i have few doubts please clarify
In press advertisement whether prefix and designation is allowed?
In articles & books we can use both prefix and designation ?
In greeting/ invitation card whether firm name is allowed ?

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 12 months ago

In general we can use CA prefix & Chartered Accountant designation together there is no issue with this. Press advertisement is very broad term, clarifications are covered under clause 6 & clause 7.We can use prefix CA & designation Chartered Accountant unless they specifically say NO. Like they have said Not to put firm name when we give advertisement for giving work or taking work in the Chartered Accountant Journal.
Yes in articles & books we can use Prefix & Designation together just don’t highlight Professional attainments.
Yes we can write Firm Name in Greetings & invitation cards if they are sent to relatives, friends & Clients & Invitations should be only for occasions as  specified.

-Team AG

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