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Yash daveYash dave asked 1 year ago

Sir in clause 6 part 1 first schedule

When my relatives gives advertisement in newspaper but i got to know about and i approached newspaper agency to remove it but it is not possible for them remove

Now will this amount to misconduct on my part ??

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RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

It costs minimum 25k to 30k to give advertisement and it can go upto lakhs.

It is very hypothetical that relative is planning to give ad for you and you are not aware.

So, even if that is the case CA Institute says that still you will be punished.

So don’t worry CA Institute is correct in their approach they are not going to take away your membership. They may reprimand you or put a monetary fine upto Rs. 1 Lac and that is reasonable.

So, stand taken by the Council is absolutely fine even in this case concerned CA should be punished. Further they cannot punish other people they can punish only CA.

Yash daveYash dave replied 1 year ago

Okk sir
Thank you

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