CA FINAL MCQ 600 Communication to Management/ TCWG?


When auditor expects to include EMP/OMP in AR, Auditor shall communicate to management, the fact and expected wordings of this para.
a. True
b. False
The ans to above ques is (a) in book, but as per SA 706, auditor is required to communicate with TCWG and not management.
Please clarify it Sir.

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Ravi Staff January 21, 2019

Yes its a typo error, it answer should be “b”
Communication should be done with TCWG

Ravi Staff January 21, 2019

being first edition and looking at limited time we had, and each and every MCQ is made by us not hired or inspired from anywhere, some mistakes are bound to happen. please feel free to ask any doubt you have.


Thanks a lot sir for clarifying.


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