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SS asked 1 year ago

Hi sir, Whether question and answers are discussed in super 25 batch or is it done only in regular course? Also I am a repeater from Nov 2019 can I too avail the discount. I dint write in July 21 because of my marriage. Please help. 

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

In Super 25 as we have to cover Course in less time it is not possible to cover Questions. In Regular Course we cover some important Questions along with class.
Recently we have started Recording Videos for each & every Question & MCQ, in next one month we will be able to provide videos for all the questions & MCQ which are Covered in PARAM Question Bank & MCQ book.
They will not have full explanation as in Class but then definitely we will cover all the New Points in the Question & Answer.
Please put a mail to “” with respect to discount.

– Team AG

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