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Nikhil Rathi asked 1 year ago

As per oxford dictionary Biannual means Twice in a year.
In cno 434.400 Observation no. 2 ICAI has taken Biannually as once in two years. And thereby the entire answer becomes different than what It should had been.
What should we do in exams?
I am attaching the link of oxford dictionary web page,distinction%20becomes%20important%2C%20…

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

below is explanation from webster
When we describe something as biannual, we can mean either that it occurs twice a year or that it occurs once every two years. … Some people prefer to use semiannual to refer to something that occurs twice a year, reserving biannual for things that occur once every two years.
so there is little dispute, whenever such things happen, we should always take assumption and specify it in which there is non-compliance, icai is fond of declaring companies and people guilty 🙂
such things happen, follow above rule

RaviRavi Staff replied 1 year ago

ICAI has taken view biannual means once in 2 years.

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