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Nikhil Rathi asked 1 year ago

Sir can you please explain CNO 563.010?
What does fait accompli means.

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

So question is whether GST Audit is “Inspection” or “Fait Accompli”
ok so what icai wants to say in this answer
Inspection by TAX Authorities —  Joint commissioner or above rank authority performs inspection of registered person where they have powers like search, seizure business premises and they may confiscate things to STOP TAX EVASION or RECOVER TAX, so in inspection they can actively change the way things are going on.
GST audit by CAs — Auditor has limited powers to inspect books & records, he cannot stop or change anything he simply examines WHAT HAS HAPPEND and simply reports on things which has already happened . “FAIT ACCOMPLI” means something which has already happened and we cannot change it.
GST Audit is “Fait Accompli”

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