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Shubham Maheshri asked 1 year ago

Please find attached the Audio file for respective query.

1 Answers
RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago
  1. Mention recent criteria only with respect to top 500 / 1000 etc companies as recent things got applicable from 1st Apr 2020 which is now applicable from Nov 20 exams onwards
  2. person can be director in maximum 7 listed companies and these 7 directorships can be independent directorships, so its not & + 7, earlier they allowed maximum 8 directorships and 7 for independent. 8 was changed to 7. So you find why they are specifying 7, 2 times
  3. when promoters their families prove that they are not involved with day to day management of company and that they have handed it over to professionals, then we say that now promoters are not identifiable as now they are not acting as promoter and influencing decisions
  4. requirement of independent director is for unlisted material subsidiaries, no issues with listed subsidiaries as they are already enough regulated
  5. selling shares etc requirement is for all material subsidiaries, as it impacts whole group
  6.    they have not specified anything in module we will have to see guidelines issued by sebi in this regard, so i had a overview it says such review should be conducted keeping in mind whether subsidiaries are material for group
  7. stock exchange needs to be informed by company within 24 hours after receiving resignation  

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