Amendment in SA 260 & SA 570

Sir, what changes are made in sa 260 and sa 570 due to sa 700 series(revised)??
SA 700 states in the audit report that after the para basis of opinion, going concern para shall be included as per sa 570 ,if relevant. Moreover the communication to tcwg shall be amde before issuing report and the same shall be provided in the report. but are there any specific changes due to SA 700 in SA 260 & SA 570??

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Ravi Staff March 10, 2018

there is no major change in these standards, you can rely on content of old standards.
there is one change in SA 570 and one change in SA 260
in SA 570 instead of EMP we have to put a para “Materiality Uncertainty over Going Concern” contents remain same
in SA 260 auditor needs to ask TCWG for Key Auditor Matter Para (SA 701)


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