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Sumit SarafSumit Saraf asked 3 months ago

Please hel sir and solve this issue….i have talked to team several times and i have mailed, still this is not solved, please involve in this matter and solve this issue. Hi Sir & AuditGuru Team,   I am very disappointed. Not able to do Classes as per plan, due to lack of inconsistency from your team\’s side.I am attaching a screenshot for your reference.   You can see in June only 5 lectures were uploaded and in July it\’s 4 lectures till now. it\’s been more than a month since I have taken your classes, but classes are not uploading regularly, i was told everyday classes will be uploaded.I have exams in November, also due this I have to do other classes in a large gap, which eventually does not help.   I have already called and talked to the team many times regarding this issue, but it\’s still the same.   Also in some lectures editing was not properly done, which leads to skip of some concepts .(lecture 6 & 8).   I hope you and your team understand my concern and start uploading lectures so that I can complete them as soon as can understand there are other subjects also and time is not sufficient.

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