ABM question 42 page 14 an auditor of the company cannot provide serives mentioned in sec 144 of the Co Act , Sir then why is option c the right answer?

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Ravi Staff March 22, 2019

not able to identify your question, please re-check page number and also mention key words of question


question 42 page 14 Sample Question 1 MCQ (Final) , Narang and Co , emloyee Benefits question

Ravi Staff March 23, 2019

these questions are from foreign authors so they are not thinking about company act and there is no such mention in question or options.
a — is not answer as it is advocacy threat
b — is not the case as it is not competence matter
d — such disclosure is not required by any standard
so best choice and suitable is c
so dont apply company act unless mentioned in question or options


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