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Roshan MascarenhasRoshan Mascarenhas asked 1 year ago
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RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

i am not happy with suggested answer. it seems incorrect i have mailed it to icai, but no reply yet. below is text and important documents regarding it.
Dear Sir / Madam
Once a person becomes Chartered Accountant, he cannot take ca related work in “any other capacity” is explained in code of ethics through a income tax practitioner case.
But in Q5(a) on CA Final New Course May 18 & Page 20.15 / 20.16 concepts explained are contradictory. As per them CA can work in different capacities even it is regular tax work. Please see two documents attached below.
Significance of COP as per Code of Ethics
Q5(a) Suggested Answer as per ICAI

Roshan MascarenhasRoshan Mascarenhas answered 1 year ago


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