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RaviRavi Staff answered 1 year ago

Breach of Confidentiality by CA in Practice — Cl1, Part1, Sch2
Breach of Confidentiality by CA in Service — Cl2, Part2, Sch2
Gross Negligence by CA in Practice — Cl7, Part1, Sch2
Gross Negligence by CA in Service — Other Misconduct, So Cl2, PartIV, Sch1
Below is from code of ethics book
Where a paid assistant on whom the employer had implicit reliance took absolutely no steps whatsoever to check the cash balance facilitating and resulting in serious defalcations. Though no doubt he did pass on some information as to what he was doing to his employer he did not mention any fact from which the employer could have known that he had been so grossly negligent. – Held he was guilty of “other misconduct” as envisaged in Section 21 of the Act.

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