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PDD Wristband


Welcome to PDD movement..!

When you wear band, give utmost importance to your behaviour and actions. More you respect it and
follow it, stronger will be its impact on you and your motivation, if you give importance it will be life


Welcome to PDD movement. After research it has been concluded that just like mantras and religious
teachings, which are repeated and hammered continuously, so that we become better person. Its
important that we train our subconscious mind for higher motivation and performance. PDD
Motivational Band will help you remain motivated and perform well.

Please repeat “Perform Don’t Distract” 20 times as you get up in morning then repeat it in afternoon
and then again in evening and lastly before you sleep. So it is 3-4 times a day. Further when you are
free for 5-10 minutes, feeling demotivated or feeling confused do it again.

All the best may you get fruits of your hard work!!!
CA Ravi Taori

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