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  • CA Inter Audit Books

    Super Linking

    • All Questions from PARAM Question Bank & MCQ Book are linked with the concepts of Bhaskar
    • Distinctive Questions are given as UNIQUE at the end of the chapter

    Features/ Highlights

    • Comprehensive Self-study book
    • Tabular Presentation
    • Heading & Examples for writing skills development
    • Chart & Summary to Boost Revision
    • Amended as per new ICAI module
    • Amended as per Companies (Amendment)  Act 2020
    • Includes CARO 2020
    • Applicable for May22


    • Audit Regular (Source of In-depth and Simplified Knowledge)
    • “PARAM” Question Bank (The Ultimate All in One Question Bank)
    • MCQ Book (ICAI + Own Research + Integrated Case Studies)





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  • CA Inter Audit FADU Chart Book – 2.0

    Features/ Highlights

    • Covers Each & Every Concept of BHASKAR Regular Notes
    • Covers all With Shortcuts
    • Easy Flow for Better Retention
    • Super Linking Feature
    • 2nd Edition covers 95% of the course
    • Just 80 pages (approx)
    • Hierarchy based flow charts
    • Full Colourful Charts
    • Applicable for May 22/Nov 22


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