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Abhishek Baake

Hello Sir,
3 Key Reasons for Success

1. There were many key reason like..

– I made my strong subjects more stronger so that they would help me to achieve aggregate.

– practice manual is must as it depicts the pattern of questions that icai would probably ask. *there should be proper power breaks while studying so that it ll keep u energetic.

2.How you came to know about Ravi Sir?

-> CA. Ashish Ghate sir told me about you sir. Ashish sir is my mentor from 11th std.

3.Experience of Learning with Ravi Sir?

-> I enjoyed a fabulous exp. Studying under your guidance..the methodology of your teaching is best..n notes that uh provided became more easy to study audit with help of all pics,shortcuts.and key to remember.!!

Abhishek Baake

Piyush Gupta

Hello SIr,

Success Stories Regards Sir First thank u very much for your teaching and never ending support. You always give precise and perfect reply

1. What were 3 key reasons for your success in exams?

– From my experience of preparing for CA Final first group i learnt following little but very valuable things

1 Final is not IPCC. yes its far far harder than that, its not hard to cover ocean of syllabus in time. You can complete your classes easily it seems hard but believe me its not the challenge. Challenge starts when we have to start retaining it.Learning one subject or chapter makes us forget another. It creates lots of pressure but till end this problem will be solved.

2. Have to revise chapters frequently. Its also challenging to manage all subjects and their chapters' revision on regular basis. But if u do, your success is defined. revision must be atleast today – 7th day – 30th day i sometimes needed more frequent revision so i did today – 3day – 10 day – 30 day

3. everyone says to study atleast 12-16 hours daily. But i believe it doesn’t matter. Even 5-6 hrs are sufficient if they are effective and efficient (single group) one more point to mention is that its really hard to keep ourself devoted in study , mind diverts.I faced this too. There is only one solution keep ur distraction away eg. keep mobile away and use if u complete ur small target. I kept it away and use only if i study continuously 40 mins. otherwise no use So in short Don’t panic everything will be fine Revise regularly Study less but study effectively and efficiently Give perks and punishment

– How you came across Ravi Sir and his lectures ? Caclubindia i checked videos checked demo and amazingly I decided in just 15 mins that I got what i wanted

– How was your experience? Too good. Best faculty for audit i know i have never taken classes even in IPCC. but checked demo classes of other faculties and i can assure Ravi sir is best. Energetic teaching style will not let u get bored even in theory subject. He doesn’t crack jokes and doesn’t spend time in other stuffs still he will not let u feel that u need a break. He covers complete syllabus in just 100hrs (as much as i remember).so if u study 6 hrs classes daily u will finish audit in just 17 days and he has covered each and every topic in detail. His book is more than sufficient to study

Piyush Gupta

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