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  • - vipul upadhyay
    Really Happy with your way of teaching.....Can`t believe that i can learn subject so easily Prof ethics ke sab Clauses. Maja aa will help me for other subjects also.
  • - Richi Jain
    Sir i was thinking of leaving past RTP due to time shortage. Thanks a lot for RTP quick revision sheet
  • - Mital Monani
    Sir, Your today's session in Mumbai was superb, It helps a lot Thanks a lot.....
  • - Mash Ups
    Lots of thanks, Sir. Thank you so much for providing us such an amazing discussion point (Q&A section) along with real time exam updates and videos. No matter am studying at home, I feel like an Audit Guru is always there with me to resolve my any doubts and queries. All efforts are much appreciated! You are truly an Audit Guru.
  • - Nisha Oswal
    Sir cleared group one only because of your...really great efforts were put in by you...audit was such a subject..was like a nightmare for me. I didn't clear my first attempt only because of audit.. I attended the 15 days session..such a great interest was developed in this subject that it became the most interesting one for me... Cleared the Nov attempt group one...full credit to you sir....thanks alot....thankyou very very much Ravi Sir. Amazing efforts sir... Thanks alot
  • - rajesh kumawat
    Thanks a lot sir
  • - Chetan Mahajan
    thanks a lot explain really well.
  • - Asish Jaiswal
    sir I am from Kolkata and I found your video of guidance to write audit ca final paper very useful. provide me your blessings sir , so I secure good marks and pass the exam without failing anymore.
  • - Farhan Ahmed
    Good work sir!
  • - Nupur Phophalia
    Great efforts by Ravi sir... The memory codes are very helpful .Thanks a lot sir :)
  • - Amogh Dongshanwar
    It was wonderfull experiance to attend the class especially class of SA's. The practical examples given by sir in the class were very easy to recollect the essence of SA during the exams. I scored 67 marks in CA Final Audit thats because of the base of SA's build up during the class days. I attended 10 days crash batch which helped me a lot in understanding the subject and techinical concepts relating to auditing. The pictures used by sir as a memory technique helped a lot in remembering clauses in ethics. Sir has almost covered the 100% syllabus in such a short span of 10 days, I too did study the audit simultaneously during class and it helped in remebering the topics as well as the concept behind the topics. The advise from sir was to practice the question from practice manual by writing urself and compare it with standard answer was certainly the best way to achive writing skills and speed. I have heard many student saying that audit is a scary subject and you never get marks in audit despite writing so much in the exams but after following sirs technique for studying audit i can surely say you can score very good in this subject Thanks Ravi sir for ur valuable guidance.
  • - CA Darshan Sarda
    Big achivement n success n happyiness Cleard CA FINAL with 429 marks Highest marks in audit n isca I cleared 2nd grp in first attemp but took two attempt to clear first one juz bcz of audit. Everytime i failed in first grp coz of aggregate n lower score in audit so i was vry much tensed n hd lots of fear for audit. I had no idea about the Ravi Taori sir's teaching but as his batches were for 20 dys with full syllabus i joined the same. Even in 20 dys he tought the whole syllabus wid greater conceptual clearity n most imp SA's , professional ethics n CARO He guided me very well wid hw to preapre for exam, hw to right the paper n wht is to be mentioned in the paper, N one thing wih i appreacite for sir is the one day lcture before the exam wih was also an imp one to boost my confidance in audit. Wen i saw my result for first time i was shocked coz i scored highest marks in audit ie.62 marks My first call after watching my result was to Ravi Taori sir that sir i passed n highest score is in audit wid 62 marks n dat i want to meet u juz tel me whr r u now in nagpur or pune?? I was very happy coz in last attempt i failed juz bcoz of audit but nw this time i passed juz bcoz of audit.. I will give credit of scoring highest marks to sir.. If he could not hv der that time iss time bhi audit me fail ho sakta tha.. So lastly i juz want to say thanks a lot to sir.. Widout ur direction n guidance it was not possible to score 62 marks frm 40 thank u thank u thank u very much sir...
  • - Dhimant Malhotra
    I attended sir's 1day class and found it very useful. Audit has been a very confusing subject for me and I lacked writing skills especially in auditing standards after attending his class I gained confidence , notes given by sir are very precise n very useful. The audit reports which he showed were very useful in understanding the difference between compliance framework and fair reporting framework and he explained 700 series of standards vry well. He made us to remember all clauses of P.E and audit report by memorising picture technique which was very unique. I am very thankful to u sir for ur class.
  • - Megha Hindoriya
    Dear Sir, I had attended ur regular audit class as well as the one day class. Audit has never been a scary subject for me as u were there in ipcc as well as finals. The effort put by you for making such innovative techniques to remember the clauses of Professional Ethics & Tax Audit is really commendable. It proved to be a lot of help to me as I could remember each and every clause with numbers. And ur one day batch was the cherry on the cake where u covered more than 60marks. Also the video on caro was awesome. Anyone who has never studied CARO could understand and remember. Thanks for being there and solving all the doubts. Regards Megha Hindoriya
  • - sonia sharma
    thank you so much sir fr ur quick revison it helps me to revise n retained quickly.
  • - siddhant choudhary
    Its rightly said that" all big things come in a small package" this I actually experienced yesterday in more or less 10 hours first of all I would like to thank my friend whu referred me to take ravi sirs quick revision class at this crucial point of time and secondly a big THANK YOU to you sir for a fruitful energetic interactive bang on session your simple(funny) tricks to memorise clauses would be of great help for every student out there and yes 1 thing which keep us stick to him for continous 10 hours and definitely cant be ignored at all is sirs charming personality.THANK YOU once again sir for the guidance notes ppts images tricks touch on exam pattern and most importantly your pactical examples which helped us to connect to the matter really well.
  • - Shilpi Shrivastava
    Audit was like CA final's monster subject of first group for after learning it from Ravi Taori sir i m feeling like it is the easiest one... Thank you sir for your amazing techniques of using pictures n slides which make us to remember the topics very easily & nw we dont need to mugup the subject..specially the professional ethics...n also the friendly environment which you provides in class help us to ask as many silly doubts without any the the best faculty for audit i must say... Thanks again to u sir...!!!
  • - Nikita Bajaj
    Sir, u gives us easy n logical way to learn & also help us to make that boring subject to an interesting 1... U r amazing teacher & friend.
  • - Anand Sawana
    Sir, Your video lectures on SAs were very helpful. What happened was, the book which I reffered for CA final audit was not that good for understanding the concepts because the content was a bit summarised, so I saw your lectures of SAs and after that the SAs were like injected in my DNA. I remember that even while writing the exams i was able to recollect the examples given by you. The content in the lectures is thorough and the summary at the end of each SA is crisp. It was a nice learning experience and comfortable too. Thank you sir !!

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